Coworking COnsulting Services

Don’t start a coworking space alone

Tap into local experienced coworking operators.

Not just consultants, Real-World Operators. Over 60 coworking Projects completed

Helping new coworking operators to property owners that are excited about the coworking movement. We’ll help you understand the coworking culture, business model, and what makes it a success.

Feasibility Study

Do you own a property or scouting out a location and curious if it would be a successful coworking business? We have performed over 60 feasibility studies in the US. 

Cost: $2500+

Staff Training

Chicago Coworks is a hub of dozens of coworking space operators. Get paired up with an experienced operator to train your new community manager. 

Cost: $1000+

CRE Joint Ventures

Do you own property and would like to be partnered with a successful coworking operator through a management contract or JV. We can help find the best partner for your property.

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Team Leaders

Craig Baute

Craig has been in a coworking operator since 2010 after a career as a market researcher with an MBA. He owns coworking spaces in Colorado and Chicago. He has helped launch spaces from New York to Mongolia.

Raquel Roman

Raquel is recognized as the best community manager in Chicago and a leader in the coworking movement. She is an experinced marketer, but found her passion in creating communities.


Jessica is an experinced operator of Chicago coworking space sin the suburbs. She is a leader at Chicago Coworks and brings communities together to share best practices.

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