About Chicago Coworks

We are an alliance of locally-owned coworking spaces collaborating and supporting each other to build community-driven and financially-sustainable locations throughout the Chicagoland area.  

How we help coworking Operators


By working together, we help make each other better. Chicago Coworks shares lessons we’ve learned while discovering new ways to better serve our members.

Slack Group

We fully embrace Slack as our friend! Our Slack group is great for keeping in touch about day to day operations, questions and updates.

New Members

By serving as a central directory of Chicago’s coworking spaces, we’re able to help individuals find coworking space that best fits them and their company. 


We look for new ways to build awareness of coworking and highlight the spaces that are part of the alliance. Some projects in the works include a Chicago coworking passport, Chicago Coworks Instagram, and more!

Built on coworks’ values 

Spaces that join Chicago Coworks must be honest and transparent, willing to participate in meetings, and love community. If you are looking to just get leads through Chicago Coworks, you won’t be accepted. 

We are competitors working together to raise awareness of coworking across Chicago. We come together to share our knowledge of best practices and trends and to promote the coworking revolution. 

making coworking accessible

Chicago Coworks has a directory of the diverse range of coworking spaces in the Greater Chicagoland area, making it easier for clients to find exactly what they’re looking for.


How to Get Involved


Apply to Join

Tell us a little about your space, your community, and why you want to join. It’s really easy and takes 3 minutes.


Attend your First meeting

Meetings are open to all coworking space owners, operators, managers, etc in Chicago and the suburbs. Meetings are hosted virtually about every 8 weeks. 

Support Chicago Coworks

Currently, there is no fee to be part of the alliance. Any future proceeds go to support Chicago Coworks. There are no profits.

Team Leaders

Craig Baute

Craig has been in a coworking operator since 2010 after a career as a market researcher. He owns coworking spaces in Colorado and Chicago. Craig has helped launch spaces from New York to Mongolia.
Jessica Erickson Dayhouse Coworking_Highland Park

Jessica Erickson

Jessica built communities in the non-profit world for 15 years, and now uses her superpowers to do the same for coworking. Jessica serves as the Community Engagement Director for Dayhouse Coworking in Highland Park.

Jessica Erickson Dayhouse Coworking_Highland Park

Zoe Hertz

Zoe has an eclectic background as an art teacher, assistant dance director, and facilitator. She loves using her community building skills as the manager at Second Shift in Logan Square, Chicago.


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