About Chicago Coworks

A local alliance of coworking owners and managers collaborating and supporting each other to build community-driven and financially sustainable spaces.

How we help Each Other 


By working together, we help make each other better. Chicago Coworks shares lessons we’ve learned while discovering new ways to better serve our members.

Slack Group

We fully embrace Slack as our friend! Our lively Slack group is great to keeping in touch about day to day operations, questions and updates.

Sharing Leads

By sharing leads we’re able to not only help members find the right fit, but we help space owners find their perfect members! 


We look for new ways to build awareness of coworking and experiment. We have a Chicago Coworking Passport in the works and some other big ideas.

Walking the Walk in Coworking 

We are competitors working together to raise awareness of coworking across Chicago but also share best practices, trends, and leads.

Coworking has been in Chicago since the early 2000s. It has grown from single digits in 2010 to over a hundred spaces throughout Chicago with ambitious communities with startups to local neighborhood spots serving Logan Square, Oak Park, and South Loop. We come together to share our knowledge and promote the coworking revolution that we all love.

Built on Coworks’ Values

Spaces that join Chicago Coworks must be honest and transparent, willing to host meetings, and love community. If you are looking to just get leads through Chicago Coworks, you won’t be accepted.


How to Get Involved


Apply to Join

Tell us a little about your space, your community, and why you want to join. It’s really easy and takes 3 minutes.


Attend your First meeting

Your first meeting is always free. We host meetings about every 8 weeks. After you attend you can ask questions and decide if you want to join.

Support Chicago Coworks

Our $250 annual fee provides Chicago Coworks’ promotional experiments like the Coworking Passport , bring in speakers, host the website, etc. All proceeds go to support Chicago Coworks. There are no profits.

Let’s Talk Coworking

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