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An Alliance of Coworking Spaces in the Windy City & Suburbs.

What is 
Chicago Coworks?

Established by Chicago’s friendliest coworking spaces. Collaborating to serve our communities better.

We are owners and community managers passionate about the coworking movement. The alliance was formed in 2019 to help everyone in Chicago understand and learn about coworking. By working together we can better build awareness of coworking, learn from each other, and help every potential member find the coworking space that best fits them. 

If you are space owner or operator you should really join us.

Looking for Coworking?

All coworking communities are awesome in different ways. The Chicago Coworks directory will help you find which local space is the best fit for you and your company.

Coworking Collaboration

Coworking space operators come together every other month to learn from each other, share ideas, share leads, and promote coworking.

Top Coworking Spaces in Chicago